From markets and conferences, to sports tournaments and festivals, no event is complete without catering. If you want happy attendees, then they’ll need to be properly fed and watered. The last thing any event planner needs is unhappy guests, and running out of food and drinks is a nightmare situation. Here are some tips on how to prepare for off-site event catering.

  1. Be Prepared

If you’re event is taking place a long way from civilisation, then it is essential that you prepare yourself for every eventuality. All of the things you take for granted in your onsite kitchen will no longer be at your fingertips, so it is important that you take everything with you – including the kitchen sink! Go through your process methodically and note down all the essential equipment and ingredients. Don’t forget to think about what goes on beyond the kitchen, such as table settings and serving equipment. Remember essential items such as hand sanitiser, garbage bags and bins, tin foil and containers. You will also need to ensure you have health and safety covered, with a few well equipped first aid kits, latex gloves, aprons and fishnet hats. Asides from all of this, you will need to ensure you have all of the food, condiments, and drinks required and extras to boot.

  1. Keep It Cool

Now you have all of this food and drink, you’ll need to think about how it’s going to get to the site and where you’re going to store it all when it arrives. A fridge is a necessity for caterers who need to store meat, fish, dairy and vegetables to ensure these items are preserved during transit and prior to cooking, and also to ensure health and safety standards are being met. No event is complete without cold drinks, but this can be difficult if you are in a rural location, especially if you are throwing an event in the summer. Fridges are expensive to hire, difficult to transport and are simply not big enough for large events to use as their main storage. The best solution to cooling is to hire a portable cool-room. Known as “reefers”, these transportable cool rooms of a shipping container that has been converted into a giant fridge. These are often available for purchase or hire from suppliers of container transport in Melbourne. A portable cool-room is the perfect solution for all-in-one refrigerated transport between sites and onsite cooling for festivals and events. They are big enough to hold large quantities all in one place and can be fitted with shelves, alarms and lighting, making for simple storage and transportation.

  1. Staff Up

If you’ve never run an offsite event, the last thing you need is to be short-staffed. If your event is taking place on a large site, then you’ll need to factor in dedicated staff for various things such as running plates to tables, serving, glass sweeping and restocking fridges. Make sure your clients aren’t kept waiting and don’t cut corners on staffing.

Preparing for off-site catering is a daunting prospect and it requires a great deal of careful planning and organisation. With these handy tips you’ll be well on your way to a successful event.

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