Porcelain tiles for the house are something that several find convenient to buy and install. Due to the minimal maintenance involved, it is something that adds to the aesthetics as well as saves money in the long run.

When it comes to porcelain tiles in Sydney, it can be installed in multiple places as that of the living room floor, the bathroom, kitchen, table-tops, splashbacks, etc. Cleaning them yourself or allowing professionals to help you would ensure better longevity as well as a long-lasting colour to it.

When you make plans to clean and maintain them, here is what you should know about its care.

Cleaning The Tabletops

Whether it is your dining table or the counter at the kitchen, curry stains or any other spills on it can cause dirt accumulation. When you clean them, ensure that you make use of a cleaner that has the right pH balance.  If there is a deep and stubborn stain, you may use acidic cleaning solutions in a diluted and small portion. Look out for cleaning solutions at the store that specify polished porcelain tiles floor cleaning, and that would help.

Vacuum The floors

When porcelain tiles are laid on the floor, make it a point to vacuum or dust it once in a week or even more frequently if there is too much of foot traffic.  Keeping mats or footpads near the doors can prevent dust and dirt to come along. Experts for installation of porcelain tiles agree that failing to do so is likely to bring about stains and scratches to the tiles as well as the grout. While dry dusting can help to a certain extent, there is the need to mop the floor with a damp cloth as well as mild floor cleaners that make the floor clean and fresh.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Whether it is the floor tiles or the wall tiles in the bathroom, it requires more attention as that of the rest. The reason being the use of cosmetics and self-cleaning products that get sprayed and the residue stays behind leaving stains. Installers for porcelain tiles in Sydney say that some of them tend to get permanent when you cleaned up immediately. Making it a routine to clean up the bathroom in the morning would keep your floor and wall porcelain tiles looking clean and fresh.

When cleaning and maintaining the porcelain tiles installed in multiple areas of the house, you need to ensure that you are making use of the right type of cleaning liquid. Any other cleaning technique as that of a dish wash scrub pad or steel wool can lead to staining of the tiles permanently.

Making use of sealants to seal the tiles as well as the grout would ensure that they are safe for a very long time. Experts say that using oil based cleaning soaps as well as wax based cleaners would ensure that the polished porcelain tiles are clean, there is no underlying dirt and that you see great looking floors and walls.

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