When you choose to install a retractable roof system you’ll discover it has a wide variety of benefits, it protects external areas from the elements, letting customers, staff, and homeowners enjoy the weather all year round without having to worry about their external environment. They are excellent for all kinds of properties, both commercial and residential.

  • Easy to Operate

Retractable roof systems are easy to operate and don’t require any in depth knowledge of their mechanisms, anybody can use them because it’s as simple as pressing a button to either retract or extend the unit. They are designed with a state of the art motor system which enables users to handle the roof with ease. Most of the best roof installation companies also offer a system which includes both sun and wind sensors, this ensures your unit opens and shuts automatically, without you having to touch a button.

  • Increases the Size of Your Living Space

If you wish to create a relaxing, temperature regulated external area, it must include a motorised retractable roof. This will allow you to extend your living space and design an area which is fully protected all year round. You can purchase a roof that suits your interior décor making your new project an extension of your indoor area. They can both effortlessly blend together with a roof design that suits both spaces.

  • Provides Protection for Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings

Retractable roof systems don’t only protect outdoor fixtures and fittings, they also provide added protection for indoor furniture. They block the sun’s harmful rays from causing damage to your furniture, they stop deterioration and ensure your décor don’t lose their colour and fade. You can install a retractable roof outside for additional protection, it will cover your office furniture or household fixtures from overexposure, keeping them looking brand-new.

A completely closed retractable roof is fully watertight, it won’t allow any rain to get through because it is totally impermeable. You won’t have to worry about leaks and all your internal fixtures and fittings will be safe from water damage. This is an important feature, because you want to be able to install expensive devices like TV’s in areas which are covered by retractable roofs, without having to worry about seepages. Most units are designed with perfect drainage in mind, so you can easily enjoy your outdoor space during torrential rain.

  • Versatile

During the day if you’d like to sit out and take full advantage of the sun, you can retract your roof, sit back, and enjoy the sun’s warm rays on your face. If the weather hasn’t been so great, and it’s been raining all day, but you’re sick of being stuck indoors, extend the unit and get closer to mother nature.

Retractable roofs are convenient, cost-effective, and can be operated by anybody. They come in a wide range of styles and colours, so it is easy to find a unit which compliments your décor. They add value to your property and can be used for a variety of purposes.


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