Modern developments have impacted our lives to such a degree that we now lead relatively comfortable lives. Building materials have seen some changes over the past few decades, with aluminium and UPVC giving an alternative to traditional timber, yet there is something about the natural beauty of wood that composites cannot match. If you are considering replacing your windows and doors, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with timber frames.

  1. Aesthetic Transformation – Timber framed windows and doors give the homeowner a unique opportunity to transform the exterior appearance. As the units are all made to measure, you can be creative, especially with solid timber doors. Top quality hardwoods can give you stunning shade of natural brown, or quality paints come in many colours, and with the expert advice of the supplier, the final design will be unique to your property. If you live in the Midlands and are looking for wooden window frames in Willenhall, there is a traditional joinery company who provides bespoke timber solutions for a range of home improvements. This company treats every project with the same meticulous care, and their in-house design team might surprise you with a design concept you were unaware of.
  2. A Wise Investment – Selected timber will ensure that your windows and doors will be with you for many years, and with the right preservation treatment, there is little maintenance. Property prices are always on the rise, and with a complete window and door replacement, expect the value to increase proportionately. Any improvement to the home can be considered an investment, yet with quality bespoke timber, you can expect to be in the upper bracket when talking value.
  3. Individuality – While aluminium might have many good properties, it cannot be manipulated like wood, and with the right craftsman, a front door carving perfectly complements the exterior. UPVC is similar to aluminium in that it offers little opportunity to inject some individuality, and by using the very best timber from a suitable species, you can expect a similar lifespan to any composite material. A timber porch or conservatory allows you to design something that is perfectly in keeping with the existing exterior, and with wooden panels strategically placed in with the double glazed units, you are only limited by your own imagination.
  4. Durable and Flexible – Unlike composite materials, timber expands and contracts slightly in extreme temperatures, and if the wood is suitable and treated with preservative coatings, or painted, you can expect the units to last for many years, and they are more than a match for the harsh British climate.

If you source the right company, they will handle everything from conception to completion, and with bespoke creations, you can really design something that will turn heads. If you would like to know more about made to measure timber windows and doors, an online search should point you in the right direction.


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