The loft is a common feature of many houses throughout the country. It is the small space between the roof and the top-most floor, and in most cases, it is usually left untouched. However, if converted into a room, the loft could actually become usable. You can easily turn it into any kind of room in the house, such as:

  • A spare bedroom
  • A recreational room
  • A private study

However, loft conversions in Saltash are not as simple as you think. It’s important that you hire an experienced construction company for the job. You will need to get legal permissions from your local building councils, and the company may have to make some structural changes to the property as well. If you want to get your loft converted into a usable space, here is a brief guide to help you out.

Maximising Space

The company will first check the building plans in order to determine whether the space in the loft can be maximised or not. New pillars may be constructed, and the loft walls might be removed in order to maximise the space in the room. Maximising space is important if you are planning on turning the loft into a bigger room.


The loft walls can be decorated with new wallpaper, and the flooring can be selected depending upon your budget. Before construction work begins, it is important that you ask the company to settle on a fixed price.

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