Your chimney might or might not be functional. In the 21st century, many chimneys are no longer functional. However, this does not mean that they aren’t a risk to your home. Even a nonfunctional chimney was likely functional at one point. This means that it is open to the outside. Pests, rain, and other conditions can get into the chimney. Also, the chimney is often at a right angle to the roof; this means that it might not be watertight.

Chimney Issues

The chimney is one of the most common reasons why someone might need roofing services in Chichester.

  • A chimney has to be watertight at the joints that connect it to the roof.
  • If the chimney is not watertight, you need to call roofers who will repair that connection. The repair will keep water from getting in.
  • You need covers over your chimney so that water cannot get in.
  • You also need a screen on your chimney to keep pests out.

Functional Chimney

If you have a functional chimney, you should ask about the ways to keep your chimney in great shape. For example, creosote is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. If you burn woods such as softwoods that are high in sap, they will produce creosote. That is an acidic material that will eventually break down the mortar between bricks. You need to ask about ways to avoid that. That could mean lining the chimney, routine maintenance, and/or burning different wood. A professional will be able to help you decide how to move forward.


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