Technology has changed the way we live our lives, and modern construction offers modular solutions that are easy to assemble and offer a high degree of security and comfort. All you really need is a level concrete base of the required dimensions, and the structure can either be fabricated off-site and lifted into place, or, more commonly, the unit is assembled on site. One can have the extra room(s) adjoining to the home, or have a stand-alone unit, which would be more suitable in some cases.

Modular Buildings

There are many designs and indeed, all shapes and sizes, which are suitable for many purposes. You might, for example, have regular visitors and would like a nice double room that is located in the garden, or a new business venture desperately needs some office space, and whatever your intended purpose, there will be a design that is perfect. Many people opt for a double glazed construction that is made to measure, and this provides you with lots of natural daylight, or alternatively, one can have a traditional bricks and mortar extension, with double glazed windows and timber bifold French doors, which would be in keeping with the existing look.

Online Solutions

There are online suppliers of outbuildings that are modular and come in kit form, which is ideal for the ambitious DIY enthusiast who is looking for a challenge, or you might prefer to build the unit traditionally and order the window and doors to size. There are companies that specialise in domestic windows and doors, and with an option to self-install, you can save a little money. Prior to searching for a supplier online, you should know the approximate area of the space and also your intended use, and with the help of the supplier, you can select something ideal.


Unlike a bricks and mortar extension, a modular structure can be dismantled and relocated, which is a big plus. You might, for example, wish to move your workshop to a quieter area of the garden, and all you need to do is create a new base. Being custom made, the unit will be ideally suited for its intended use, and there is a range of composite materials that offer a very high level of thermal insulation and with double glazed windows and doors, the winter months will not present a problem. As the children grow up, they require a nice quiet place to study, and if you have a hobby, a modular unit makes for an excellent workshop. Many people prefer to have their elderly parents live with them in a modular home, as this is preferable to nursing care, and the extra space can be used for other things, should the need ever arise.

Modular structures are likely to replace bricks and mortar creations eventually, and as time passes, the design and efficiency are continually being improved upon. All you have to do is conduct an online search and you can discover the many possibilities that a modular unit can offer.

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