If you want to grow flowers, herbs, and/or vegetables all year, you need to take some steps to ensure that’s possible. There are many different conditions that make it difficult to grow certain things all year. Furthermore, if you want to grow crops or herbs that are not designed for your specific area, it could be even more difficult to control the conditions. For those people who live in very dry environments but want to grow subtropical or tropical plants, you need to do everything you can to mimic the subtropical or tropical environment. Alternately, there are many people who want to grow drought-tolerant plants such as succulents and cacti. To do so, you need to mimic the dry conditions of desert or arid environments. You’ll need to keep them from being exposed to too much rain. Whether you need to create a warmer environment, a cooler one, a drier one, or any other conditions, you definitely need an awning.

You Need an Awning

You need an awning over your herb or vegetable garden. A threaded rod will give you flexibility to hoist the awning over your plants. The awning will work to create many different conditions. If you are growing coffee plants or some other kind of shade-grown plant, you need to make sure you put them underneath larger trees or bushes. If you want to space out your items or if there are no larger trees available, you should put them underneath an awning. An awning with a semi-transparent cover will block some of the sunlight to create the shade the plant needs to grow.

If you want to mimic more humid, wetter conditions, a waterproof awning is actually a great choice. You should roll away the awning when it rains. Then, you can put the awning over your garden to trap the heat and evaporating water. Such a feature will raise the humidity in your garden to better mimic the conditions of a subtropical environment.

Clear Awnings

If you want to mimic a greenhouse for increasing temperature and humidity, a clear awning is the way to go. The clear awning will allow sunlight to pass through. In fact, it can even magnify the sunlight to make it even warmer. Then, the evaporating moisture is trapped by the awning. This mimics greenhouse conditions without requiring you to build an entire greenhouse. It also allows you some flexibility. You can change the awning material to change the conditions that it creates. You can increase the warmth and humidity during the winter, roll out a shade during the summer, and much more.

If you have a shade sail built by a quality company that also offers general hardware, you can design the best garden shade possible. It will allow you to grow anything you want with just a little bit of ingenuity.

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