If you have ever been to a spa before, you may already know just how relaxing and comforting it can be. After a tiring week or month, a trip to the spa can rejuvenate your entire body as well as your mind. Unfortunately, regular trips to the spa can prove to be quite costly, and not everyone can afford them. In order to make this more accessible for people throughout the country, there are several companies that have now begun to sell portable spas. Portable spas are similar in shape and size to hot tubs. They are available in variants designed to support 2 and 8 people. A bigger swim spa that’s designed to accommodate more people will cost more money, consume more electricity and water, and will also require a significant amount of extra space.

Buying a portable swim spa in Sydney is a great idea for people who have a spacious backyard, or a larger indoor room where they can have it installed. It’s an excellent way to unwind after a tiring day at work, and gives you much-needed space with your partner or time to chat things up with your friends. Swim spas contain a number of additional features that more than justify their price. Here are some basic things you ought to know before you go shopping for a portable swim spa.

Water Jets

In order to massage the muscles and make you feel relaxed within the pool, the swim spa contains a number of tiny water jets at different locations. One of the first things you will notice about the swim spa is the irregular seating position for each person. You have to properly sit in the position before turning on the water jets. Each water jet is designed to massage a particular muscle and relax the tension in your body. There’s also a waterproof remote controller that will come with the swim spa to regulate the pressure and the temperature of the water.

Water Sanitisation

There are specific purification filters installed within the swim spas in order to clean the water and make sure that bacteria is removed. The swim spa uses top-of-the-line sanitation technology to keep the water clean for a longer period of time, allowing people to relax without having to worry about any bodily infections or other things.

Power Saving Technology

A common question many people ask when they visit the company’s showroom to check out different sizes of swim spas is the power consumed by the spa itself. Since they run on electricity, you have to be careful that your electricity costs do not go through the roof. In order to regulate the flow of electricity and save as much as possible, these swim spas contain a power-saving feature that is capable of maintaining the water temperature as well as regulating the daily filtration times during off-peak hours to minimise your electricity costs over the course of each month.



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