For many years, carpet has been the flooring of choice for the majority of homes. The reasons for this are obvious, it’s warm, comforting and can look aesthetically pleasing in the right colour but best of all its cost effective. Vinyl on the other hand has often been side-lined to the kitchen or bathroom as it is considered to be undesirable for living room and bedroom use.

Luckily, this is changing. Vinyl flooring has come leaps and bounds over the years and is available in a variety of styles that can even mimic in appearance other popular flooring options such as hardwood. If you would like to see the advantages of each floor covering, keep reading to learn more.

Look, Style and Appearance

The right carpet can provide the finishing touch to any home. Rich and vibrant colours go really well with almost any décor scheme so carpeting will always be the number one option for many.

On the other hand, the image of vinyl that most people have is a black and white square pattern often seen in many older bathrooms which is enough to put anyone off.

Thankfully, the right vinyl flooring can add a touch of quality to any room within the home as it can be specified to take on the appearance of many popular floor coverings including concrete, stone and wood.


The home can often be a place of high activity with the need for fixtures and fittings designed for exactly this use. High traffic areas can wear unsuitable floor coverings through in a matter of years, leaving them looking tired and worn.

We then move on to the aspect of cleaning and maintenance and it is clear to see that floors which can be wiped clean are much easier to look after than floors which can soak up anything spilled on them.

Some points for consideration include:

  • Hard wearing carpet can be specified where required. It is often made to a higher quality and can withstand years of abuse whilst still maintaining its appearance.
  • Vinyl flooring is perfect for high traffic areas as its surface is resistant to scuffing and wear.
  • Vinyl flooring will be impervious to staining making it much easier to clean.
  • Carpet is a breeding ground for dust and bacteria if it isn’t vacuumed and cleaned regularly.

Overall Cost

The final point is one of cost. The type of quality vinyl we refer to here is more expensive than the vinyl floors of old. That being said, on a like for like basis, we often find carpet and vinyl to be very similar in price.

What you often pay more for is a unique pattern or specialist finish so a good carpet or vinyl floor covering should be available to even those on a budget.

We would suggest that you get in touch with a flooring supplier. For those of you living in West Sussex, there are plenty of outlets to buy hard wearing flooring in Littlehampton and the surrounding areas that will look good for years to come. Visit a few showrooms to see what each retailer has to offer. Some might even be able to offer a discount if you’re reflooring your entire home.

Whatever floor covering you decide on, make sure it’s fitted well and you follow the care instructions provided to ensure its longevity.

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