If you have just purchased your very first home and would like to add some effective security, look no further than video surveillance. You might have lived at your current address for some time, and hearing about a burglary down the road has prompted you to beef up your security, but whatever your situation and indeed type of home, CCTV offers the Australian homeowner the ideal security set up.

Bespoke Security Solutions

There are no off the shelf solutions with video surveillance, and should you be looking at CCTV systems in Perth, a local security company would be happy to pop round to your home, where he can give you his expert opinion on how best to protect your property. Typically, the average two storey house would use 3 or possibly 4 cameras, which would cover the entire perimeter, and with the expert to install everything and a quick tutorial session, your home will be protected.

State of the Art Cameras

The latest generation of CCTV cameras are 4 megapixel, high definition units that are able to view a wide spectrum, and with infrared capabilities, even the night time is covered. With well-known brands like Uniview, Hikvision and MOBOTIX, you can be sure of the best quality, and once the system is in place and activated, operation is easy, and the system works silently in the background, which is akin to having your own private security guard who never takes a break.

Hard Drive Storage

The modern video surveillance system would incorporate a 2TB hard drive, which is more than enough to ensure you have stored data for up to one month, and with an automatic deletion system, the oldest footage is automatically overwritten, allowing non stop coverage around the clock.


Installing a bespoke video surveillance system really is fit and forget, and when you consider how many years of trouble free service you will receive, CCTV is very affordable. Complex alarm systems are unreliable, and can be very costly, while installing window and door shutters does not protect the grounds, and besides, they make your home look like Fort Knox. There are many articles online that review and evaluate the different ways a homeowner can protect their property, and CCTV always seems to come out on top. Admittedly, video surveillance was expensive when it first emerged, but, like all IT hardware, prices have dropped significantly over the past few years.


The modern CCTV system would have a UPS battery connected, ensuring that you have coverage 24/7, and the system would always work silently in the background, ensuring that your home is well-protected. You can expect a minimum of a two year warranty, and if you opt for a brand name system, you will enjoy many years of trouble free protection.

If you would like to explore the possibility of having CCTV installed to protect your home, an online search will bring up a list of potential contractors, and you can take it from there.

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