If you are looking for new flooring for your house or business, you most likely think of various hardwoods or vinyl flooring. There are many benefits to hardwood and vinyl flooring; vinyl especially is a great material for a versatile and easy to manage floor. However, it has some drawbacks. You should consider carpet. Carpet has fallen out of favour in many applications, but it’s still one of the best and most useful flooring options. A low-nap carpet is great for a business. It’s especially helpful if you need to insulate the floor somewhat but also need to be able to clean it easily. Gel-backed carpet can be cleaned very easily.

Cleaning Gel-Backed Carpets

A carpet consists of a base layer called the back. The carpet fibres are then attached to that back. Therefore, the backing layer provides the foundation of the carpet. In a gel-backed carpet, that backing layer is varying levels of waterproof. Since the backing layer is waterproof and impermeable, it is very easy to clean. You can clean a gel-backed carpet with steam, shampoo, and other liquid means, which is why many people are choosing gel-backed carpets in Brighouse.


Businesses especially have been choosing waterproof backing layers for carpets. You can quickly and effectively clean them without having to worry about water soaking into the carpet and permeating to the subfloor. Therefore, you can steam clean your carpet frequently without having to worry about damage, which means it will last longer and stay cleaner.

If you are looking for a kind of carpet that is easy to clean, very resistant to damage, and insulates your floor, you need to consider gel. Gel is waterproof, a great insulator, and soft, so you can keep the carpet fibres short while also maintaining a soft floor. It’s the best features of carpet with few of the drawbacks.



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