Our drains do a lot of work each and every day. They transport waste water and organic waste away from our homes, businesses, towns, and other areas. The problem is that any drain can become blocked. In some cases, this presents an emergency situation as any blockage can cause a serious health hazard.

How Drains Become Blocked

All sorts of drains and sewer lines can become blocked. Whether a full or partial blockage, the result is a drain system that is inefficient and potentially unhealthy. Here are just a few ways that drains and sewer lines can become blocked:

  • Waste: A buildup of human waste can cause a partial blockage that will eventually turn into a full blockage. In these cases, the sludge needs to be cleared quickly before it backs up into the premises and causes a serious health hazard that will need to be taken care of by drain and sewer clearance in Wantage.
  • Debris: The fact is that drains also carry more than human waste. All sorts of things are flushed down drains and washed down in wet areas. This debris can become a real problem as it blocks pipes.
  • Damage: Tree roots, soil movement, and roadworks can all block and damage pipes and plumbing.

Never Neglect the Drains

It’s never a good idea to leave partially or fully blocked drains because in most cases they will not clear out on their own. Always call out an expert to check the problem out.

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