It’s not always easy to have to tile a small space but thanks to the incredible number of designs that are available on the market, tile can actually be used to make a space look larger. Keep reading to find out the “do”s and “don’t”s of tiling a small space.

Carefully Take the Measurements

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to tiling, measure twice so you can cut once. Being inaccurate on your measurements could completely throw off the design pattern you’re going for. You would have to consider re-tiling your space, which could cause you to have to spend a lot more money.

Try Using Larger Tiles

When you use large tiles to tile a small space, it actually tricks the mind into thinking that the space is larger. Contact an experienced vinyl tiles supplier in Walsall to speak to them about the best kind of tiles you should use in your bathroom.

Keep it Simple

You may love crazy patterns but they don’t look good in small spaces because busy patterns can make small spaces seem overwhelming. Make sure to follow these simple colour guidelines for tiling your bathroom:

  • Using a light colour can make the space seem larger.
  • If you want more than one colour, try using different shades.

You may have been told to avoid tiling in small spaces before but when it’s done properly, tiles can actually enhance the tiny space you have. Call the experts today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.



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