With all of the preoccupations and obligations that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, the notion of eco-friendly waste management frequently falls to the wayside. In other words, rubbish control is the epitome of an out of sight, out of mind topic.

Before long, however, we’ll have to acknowledge that Mother Earth has as much of a claim to this planet as we do.

Waste and Garbage by the Numbers

Needless to say, you’ve likely read through loads of exposés depicting the UK’s garbage troubles but here are some truths that have been flouted for far too long:

  • Lake Windermere is expansive and beautiful but imagine if it happened to be brimming with waste. The amount of refuse generated by the UK could completely satiate this magnificent body of water in just seven to nine months.
  • Electronic junk is bothersome and awkward to handle, which is why we amass more than 65 million tonnes of electrical garbage annually.
  • As we continue to burden our nation’s landfills, the rate of plastic and electronic litter will eventually cause the amount of synthetic trash in the oceans to outweigh the amount of marine life.

The number-one reason why UK citizens avoid ramping up their recycling and disposal efforts is that they believe that it is too expensive and inconvenient; however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A Solution for All

The next time that you find yourself inundated with rubbish after a party, during a relocation, or following a building cleaning initiative, all you have to do is link up with affordable waste collection services in South West London.

You can easily arrange a cost-free assessment of your waste and then converse with a cordial specialist to institute a budget-friendly pickup, recycling, and disposal plan.



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