Today’s homeowners are hyper-focused on value-added additions that can boost their property listing price, which is why we’ve created this brief guide to help you ascertain the most impactful course of action for your next home improvement project.

So if you’d like to partner with a reputable local building company in Bristol, be sure to pick a firm that can facilitate the following undertakings.

Bathroom Remodels

For individuals with a tight budget, a bathroom renovation represents a fantastic starting point:

  • For every pound spent on a washroom refurbishment, you can recoup approximately 60%.
  • Installing a new half-bathroom in your cellar can boost your home’s resale value by nearly 11%.
  • Installing a full bath – replete with a shower or tub – will increase your next appraisal by approximately 21%.

Kitchen Installations

According to a recent real estate survey, properties with modernised kitchens are not only easier to sell, they also tend to sell for a significantly higher asking price:

  • An average, medium-scale kitchen refurbishment can enhance its functionality and add upwards of €10,000 to your home’s intrinsic value.
  • Even a smaller project – such as replacing your cabinets or installing new floors – will allow you to recoup more than 71%% of the installation costs.
  • A kitchen augmentation is also long-lasting – your reappraisal value will remain steadfast for more than 10 years.

Conversions and Extensions

Irrespective of whether you wish to expand your living room, transfigure your attic, or add square footage to your dining room, it’s important to note that conversions and extensions are incredibly valuable nowadays. These options can provide an ROI of about 80% and increase your property’s resale value by roughly 20-25%.

There you have it; you’re more than ready to begin planning your next home improvement endeavour, so feel free to schedule a consultation with local builder as soon as possible.

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