If you decide on adding a hot tub to your home, it will certainly make it a lot more comfortable and much more fun, but you should do some homework and research what different types of hot tubs are out there on the market and available, and remember to check out the stability of your balcony.

Hot tubs can be extremely heavy, and a number of balconies were clearly not originally constructed to accommodate such a large weight. Of course the best thing is to let an expert Jacuzzi/hot tub contractor run a check on the balcony to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support a hot tub and if there is any extra construction that might be necessary to support it.

Getting Your Requirements Right

Also, maybe a lighter weight tub might be a better idea, so try considering just how many people will be enjoying the hot tub on a routine basis. The smaller kinds of tubs are suitable for one or two people, while the larger tubs can entertain up to five and more.

Do the research and find a tub from Tanby Pools that fits in ideally with your weight limits and any plans you might have for invited guests. As in many fields of expertise consult with experts in the business and see what they recommend.

Design Choices and Reasons for Having Your Very Own

Select one that not only looks the business, but one that blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor of your home and, especially, your balcony. That will ensure that your whole hot tub experience will be more of an out of this world feeling of well-being. The inside of hot tubs come in various colours, shapes and design, and you should select one that perfectly suits your needs perfectly.

The benefit of owning a personal hot tub over public ones is:

  • You will know that your lovely tub is being correctly cleansed and looked after.
  • Public hot tubs host a lot of people daily over the course of just one day (never mind a week, month or year!).
  • It is not easy to know just how frequently and thoroughly the public tub has been sanitised.
  • Hot tubs can if not maintained, can be a breeding ground for bacteria, causing all kinds of health problems.
  • A personal hot tub has only you the owner and is cared for by you, meaning you have total control over its cleanliness.

Getting it Fitted

Experts in the business know all about this, but primarily, hot tub installation has to take place on a sturdy solid base, usually on concrete slabs, wooden decks, or spa pads. The concrete slab must completely set before any tub is fitted and the wooden deck type must have supports beneath it before installation. Spa pads are portable modular pads manufactured from easily installed composite materials, but are not a long-lasting structure like the concrete slab.

Very soon you’ll be wondering just why it took you so long to get one sorted out!

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