How often you need to call an electrical contractor depends on what type of building you have, how long it has been since you called a contractor, and the age of the building. If you have a newly-built home, you likely won’t need an electrical contractor very often. However, if it is a newly-built office building or store, you still need an electrical contractor fairly frequently. They will need to inspect your building. They will need to inspect different parts of the building depending on the governmental regulations. Also, they will need to perform certain tests.

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing is a type of test performed by electricians in Chesterfield. It tests how well your electrical system can hold up to the use of portable appliances. If you have a restaurant or other entity that uses a lot of appliances, that is absolutely essential. Cooking implements and power tools are some of the most energy-intensive devices that you can plug into your circuits. Overloading a circuit can be dangerous; that’s why it’s good to choose a professional to inspect them.

Overloading Circuits

If you overload a circuit, you can cause it to short out. Alternately, you could actually cause it to heat up and cause a fire. Oftentimes, an electrical contractor can inspect your circuits with an infrared camera. The camera will pick up on any excessive heat signatures. They can often do that without even going into your walls.

There are regulations about how often certain tests need to be performed for the safety of you, your employees, and your customers.

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