At some point, you will likely need to replace your existing gas boiler. The typical boiler has a service life of fifteen years. While proper care and maintenance may help extend this service life, your boiler may become less efficient and take longer to heat your home.

If you are tired of dealing with the high cost of heating your property, here are a few reasons to consider installing a new heating system.

Replace Your Inefficient Heating System

An older boiler cannot match the energy efficiency of a newer model. The latest gas boilers are designed to use less gas to produce the heat necessary to keep your home warm. With qualified central heating installation in Lichfield, you can upgrade to a newer system that uses less gas, reducing your energy costs.

Receive Custom Heating System Design

Experts can design a custom system to suit the specific layout of your property. Your new system can address issues with your property, such as reaching rooms that are typically difficult to heat. This custom approach helps create an even more efficient solution for heating your property. Professional installers consider some of the following details when designing your heating system:

  • The type of gas boiler – combination, heat-only, or system boiler
  • The energy efficiency rating of the boiler
  • The available space in your property for the boiler
  • The size of your property and number of floors
  • The heating capabilities of the boiler

You should also rely on the expert’s advice on selecting your new boiler or heating system. They have worked with all brands of boilers, allowing them to offer the best recommendations for energy efficient heating.



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