Whilst summertime sees you taking daily jogs in the park, regular swims in your local pool, and endless games of beach volleyball or tennis, the winter months may see it all fall to the wayside. Despite our best intentions, that exercise routine tends to go out the window when the temperatures drop, and we end up opting to sit by the radiator and drink a hot chocolate instead. Besides, we need that extra fat to keep ourselves warm, right? We can keep telling ourselves this, but the reality is that we end up feeling bloated and lethargic, not to mention the crash diets we end up putting ourselves through to get that beach body back in time for our summer holiday. It’s just not healthy. With so many sports being summer-oriented and so little motivation to venture out in the cold and rain, what can be done to encourage ourselves to keep fit in wintertime?

Bring It Indoors

Summer sports needn’t be reserved only for the warmer seasons. By finding a sports centre that sets up badminton and volleyball courts indoors, these sports can be enjoyed year-round whilst giving you that summer feeling even in the winter months.

Keep Warm

Make sure you have some winter-appropriate sportswear. Whilst no one wants to be too warm when exercising, it’s equally difficult to get started if temperatures are sub-zero. Ensure that you wear layers so that you can comfortably get started, then remove them as you start to warm up. Finding a gym that is winter-friendly is also an important factor. Make sure you pick somewhere with proper air control that can be adjusted to suit your needs. It is also advisable to find somewhere with a decent pool heating system installed so that your swimming prowess doesn’t go to waste in the cooler months. If you own your own pool, it would be wise to consider installing proper pool heating in preparation for the winter. Pool heating in Auckland can be cheaper than you might think, so why not check out an online calculator to see exactly how much it might cost you. The cost of upkeep for a swimming pool is significant, and ensuring that you’re still motivated to swim during the winter season makes your pool a far more solid investment.

Get Competitive

It’s always easier to stick to a plan if someone else is relying on you. Whether it’s a gym partner or a full on sports team, why not buddy-up to help you get motivated. Having someone to exercise with is one thing, but having goals and competition is an even better reason to get out of bed. By getting competitive with your peers, whether it’s a weight loss competition or a sports league, you’re much more likely to stick to your routine and strive for better if there’s someone by your side. Setting up a winter volleyball championship can bring enthusiasm into your winter months and is a great reason to peel yourself off the sofa.

Follow these simple tips to make sure you don’t end up losing your routine this winter. By continuing to exercise daily, you’ll be able to raise your endorphin levels and beat those winter blues in no time!

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