If you want to enhance the value and kerb appeal of your home’s exterior, you need to consider the advantages of adding weatherboard cladding. This type of exterior solution is an ideal option to re-rendering a home’s exterior. You can install the cladding to cover the entire house or install it next to brick or rendered masonry exteriors.

A Better-Quality Siding Product

At one time, timber was primarily used in the manufacture of weatherboard cladding. However, timber is also a high-maintenance product that is vulnerable to damage and deterioration. To ensure that cladding materials today stand up well over time, they are made of a fibre-concrete composite, one of the most resilient materials in the building trade. Unlike cladding made of timber, fibre-concrete cladding does not need replacement as frequently. Cladding that is made of uPVC also offers this same type of advantage.

Colour Choices

Quality home improvement services in Bournemouth that provide weatherboard cladding offer the composite and uPVC cladding in the following colours:



       Slate grey



       Cream white

       Dark grey

Other Benefits

All cladding materials are also offered with an extensive guarantee. Other advantages of using fibre cement or uPVC cladding include the following:

       No problems with rotting or infestation

       A quick installation process

       Low maintenance

       Protection against weather extremes

All the Weatherboards Are Cut to Size

To fit your home’s precise dimensions, all weatherboards are cut to size. In return, you will be rewarded with a beautiful-looking home that is as protective as it is pleasant to view.


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