Cold weather isn’t far off, which means it’s a good time to prepare for the upcoming winter, and an indoor propane heater is a great investment for homes looking to stay warm over the colder months.

Indoor propane heaters are a cost-effective heating solution that can be used to great effect around the home. Lightweight and portable, these heaters can be moved from room to room whenever it feels too cold for comfort, heating rooms much quicker than other heat sources.

Check out the buyers guide below for all the info you need to get the best indoor propane heater.

Always Choose an Indoor Heater for Indoor Use

This may sound like an obvious statement but because outdoor propane heaters are very popular for camping, it’s important to distinguish an indoor propane heater from an outdoor product. Indoor devices have a range of safety features that keep you safe, which is a must due to the potentially harmful effects of the propane gas.

Simply put, never buy an outdoor propane heater for indoor use – it could be deadly.

Safety Features

As propane is a highly flammable fuel it is important to consider safety features for any indoor heater you buy. For instance, an anti tip over switch ensures the heater turns off and doesn’t catch fire if accidently tipped over, which is a huge risk when using an indoor propane heater.

Another important safety feature to look out for is an internal thermostat to prevent overheating. Unsurprisingly, propane heaters are prone to overheating, so this is an essential safety feature you should look for in any product.

Ignition Type

There are two types of ignition for an indoor propane heater – automatic and manual. Automatic ignitions are usually a better option as they remove the hassle of having to manually ignite the heater, which can be rather time consuming and cumbersome.

Automatic ignitions are also much safer to use, although the ignition does wear out eventually and will need replaced, which is easy enough to do and won’t cost much.


The bigger the propane heater the more heat it generates, so consider which room you plan on using it in to ensure you buy a suitably sized unit.  Smaller heaters will be cheaper but struggle to generate enough heat for larger spaces, while a larger heater is going to be costlier and more difficult to move around.

Check the BTU rating to determine how much heat is produced, with higher outputs producing the necessary heat for larger rooms.


A great thing about indoor propane heaters is they can be moved around the home to suit your needs. So, you want to think about how portable the device is if you plan on using it in several rooms.

If you only need it for one room then portability may not be too important, allowing you to go for a much larger device that provides more heating. However, portability is one of the big benefits of using indoor propane heaters, so be mindful of choosing something that is too heavy and cumbersome to move around your house.

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