One of the repairs that are often made on appliances are refrigerator repairs. One of the major complaints that is registered involves the cooling system. Before you contact a repair service however, try to clean the condenser coils. If the refrigerator still is not cooling, contact a repair service.

When Your Refrigerator Does Not Work

If your refrigerator is not working, you may need refrigerators and freezers servicing and repairs in DA15 for the following issues:

  • Damage to the electronic control board (often the result of a power surge)
  • Worn circuits and relays

If the refrigerator is making strange sounds, the electronic control board probably needs replacement.

Other Common Reasons for Repair

Other reasons for repair include the following:

  • The ice maker is not working. In this situation, the motor module may need replacement. Also, the water inlet valve may be clogged. You might also need to check the filter for debris.
  • The refrigerator does not dispense ice or water. In this case, the filter probably needs to be changed. Over time, the water filter collects and holds the contaminants and debris it is designed to remove. In newer refrigerators, a sensor inside the door will alert you when the filter needs cleaning. The water valve, located toward the back of the freezer, may also need replacement. The valve is defective if it will not open or close.

Contact a Professional

Regardless of your reason for a repair, it is better to have the service performed by a professional. Not only will the repair be completed faster, but the technician can also check other parts to make sure they remain operational.

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