Trees can be a beautiful part of your yard. They provide scenery, shade, and are good for the environment. Trees, however, are susceptible to disease and damage. You may need some assistance from a professional to keep your trees healthy and safe.


Trees that become ill can be dangerous, this is mainly because their branches can fall off and hurt somebody. When you have trees with swings or hammocks attached to them, check the tree regularly for damage. If the branches become weak, people sitting on the swing or hammock could fall if a branch breaks. Fungus can move through a tree quickly and storms can often cause branches to break. Greater London tree surgeons can help you determine when action needs to be taken.

  • Damaged branches could fall on people
  • Trees can fall on your home and damage windows or the roof
  • Can damage power lines when branches fall or are not trimmed


When a tree is found to be diseased, you may need to have it trimmed quite a bit to avoid losing the entire tree. If the problem is on the extremities, only, you may be able to save the tree by removing the diseased parts only. If a fungus or other disease has moved too far into the centre of the tree, it may need to be cut down. You can have regular maintenance on your trees to keep them trimmed and monitored for signs of ill health or structural damage.

Take the time to get your trees assessed by a professional so you can take care of issues promptly. You may need to get a tree surgeon to cut part of the tree branches or remove the entire tree. Pests and fungus can take over a tree and compromise the health quickly.



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