Locksmiths offer a wide range of different services to their customers. In the past, a locksmith’s range of expertise was only limited to fixing, repairing, and unlocking different kinds of locks. Ideally, you would only need a locksmith’s assistance if you somehow managed to end up locking yourself out of your house. However, that has changed nowadays, with many locksmiths offering a range of services, including the following:

  • Installing new locks
  • Mobile unlocking services 24/7
  • Other security services

Numerous companies offer locksmith services in Chelmsford. Here are some other security services that these companies offer.

 CCTV Camera Installation

If you want to boost the security of any commercial or residential place, you can get cameras installed within the space. The locksmith will first send a security team to your place in order to inspect the points where the cameras should be installed, and take note of any blind spots that might exist. The CCTV camera installation work will be done by the company’s security team, and they will set everything up so that you can view the video through a central monitor.

Garage Doors

The locks used in conventional garage doors are quite different, and because of the complicated mechanism, it can be difficult to figure out what went wrong with the garage door. You can hire a local locksmith to inspect the garage door, check for the locks, and fix them for you. Many local locksmiths now offer these services to their customers, and they can even upgrade the locks currently being used in your own house.

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