Tenants often turn to letting agents to help them find the right accommodations within their budget. Landlords can also benefit from the services of a letting agent, not only to find tenants and complete paperwork, but also to manage property.

For a reasonable fee, East Sussex letting agents will handle all of your property management needs, including those listed here.

  • Securing tenants
  • Communicating with tenants
  • Paperwork
  • Coordinating maintenance
  • Rent Collection and financial documents

Benefits to Landlords

As your property manager, a letting agent will advertise vacancies through extensive marketing, screen potential tenants to determine if they are qualified, and contact references to confirm the tenant’s eligibility. The agent will handle all of the paperwork, such as the application and rental agreement, collect rent, and complete the checkout process when a tenant moves out, inspecting the condition of the property and granting deposit refunds when appropriate.

The agent can also arrange for any necessary maintenance, in preparing properties for new tenants or during a tenant’s stay. In addition, the letting service can provide inspections and continued care of the property, regardless of the type, from a single room to a flat to an entire house.

Finally, the letting agency can manage finances associated with the property. In addition to collecting rent, the service can provide monthly financial statements and prepare annual reports to assist with filing taxes. As you can see, hiring a letting agency to handle your property management will save you time and hassle.

Benefits to Tenants

Tenants also benefit when the letting agent is the property manager. From the initial inquiry to checkout, the tenant is dealing with one agency. Even maintenance and rent collection are coordinated through the same company rather than tracking down the landlord, thereby making life easier for the tenant.

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