There are many heavy industries that require protective coatings on heavy machinery, and consequently, there are specialised contractors who carry out such work. The harsh conditions found in the mining industry can play havoc with heavy equipment and in order to maintain the machinery, there is a range of protective coatings that will extend the life of the machinery. Before the coating can be applied, the machinery would be sandblasted to completely clean the surfaces, then, with skilled precision, the technician can apply the protective coating, which will protect the surfaces until it is time to repeat the exercise.

Professional Advice

There are many different types of protective coating, and by consulting with the experts, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which is the most suitable. There are the following coatings available:

  • Zinc coating
  • Epoxy primers
  • Polyurethanes
  • Siloxane coatings

If, for example, you are currently looking for protective coatings in Perth, there is an established provider with many years of hands-on experience in applying protective coatings for a wide range of industries.

Range of Industrial Applications

The many industries that require protective coatings include the following:

  • Mining
  • Offshore drilling
  • The transport industry
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Tank lining
  • Structural steel

Concrete structures can also be protected with special coatings, and whatever the surface, if you talk to the professionals, they will be able to formulate protective coatings for just about any surface.

Sand Blasting

In order to prepare a surface for protective coating, sand blasting is the best method to use, although sand is rarely used today, as there are many other materials, such as soda, coconut shell and small beads. Sand can cause breathing difficulties, therefore it is rarely used today, and with many other suitable materials at hand, health and safety are always paramount. Most companies have mobile sandblasting units, which can get into even the smallest of areas, allowing you to clean just about anything. Once the surfaces have been blasted with abrasive materials, the next step is to apply the protective coatings, which would likely have multiple coats. The provider would issue warranties on all work carried out, and with qualified technicians carrying out the work, you can be sure of the best results.

Online Solutions

Finding the right company for sandblasting and protective coatings is very easy with an online search, and while there are not that many companies who provide this service, there are a few well-established companies with the resources to handle even the biggest contracts. If your business needs protective coatings or sand blasting treatments, there are specialist contractors who have all the equipment to carry out the work on site, and if you are not sure about the right specifications, they can calculate on your behalf, and also provide protective coating reports.

The range of industries that benefit from sand blasting and protective coatings are many and with established companies that specialise in this type of work, you can be sure of the best results.

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