Is there anything more joyous than a pool party and BBQ with your best friends in the summertime? The scent of hot dogs and burgers sizzling on an open grill, the feel of the sun on your back, the laughter and smiles of friends as they dive into the pool and get to swimming and splashing – there’s simply nothing like it. With that said, sweltering temperatures and the resulting nasty sunburns can really spoil your fun in the sun in a hurry.

So, how can you make sure that you and your friends don’t feel “burned” by the lack of shelter and shade during your outdoor get-togethers? By installing a brand new, state-of-the-art retractable roof system, of course!

A New Kind of Design Aesthetic

One of the great benefits of a retractable roof is the new design aesthetic which they represent. Retractable roofs of old tended to be a bit clunky and obtrusive. Today’s models, however, are far lighter and more apt to blend in with your overall outdoor décor scheme. There is a host of different models available, from gazebo-looking structures to larger, more overarching systems. Best of all, the retractable nature of these roofs means that it’s up to you how much sun and shade you enjoy on any given day!

Custom Construction

One of the biggest questions surrounding any element of home décor today is, of course, customisation. We are privileged enough to live in a time where customisation is both in vogue and easier than ever. More and more companies are recognising that providing custom options is not only a fantastic way of allowing customers to express themselves, it’s also a smart business move to boot! As such, the best retractable roof companies offer custom options, allowing you to fit the model you purchase to your overall décor scheme.

UV Heat Protection

As stated, one of the major conundrums faced by anyone wishing to entertain outdoors during an Australian summer is how to account for the extreme heat which can scorch down on patios across the country come summertime. You want to take advantage of the warm weather, but don’t want to see yourself and your guests burnt to a crisp or exposed to excessive amounts of harmful UV radiation. Retractable roofs are a great way to counter these concerns, with designs specifically conceived to shade you and your guests from harmful UV rays.

Lower Costs over Time

High air conditioning costs are yet another way in which summer can quickly become a bummer. Here again, the question of the extraordinary Melbourne heat forces a choice – swelter outside or stay in and run your AC nonstop, resulting in huge bills and a wasted summer? Thankfully, with retractable roofs, this no-win scenario becomes a thing of the past. The shade provided by these roofs allows you to enjoy fun in the sun without sweltering, thereby allowing you to reduce your AC costs over time.

Say goodbye to sweltering in hotter-than-hot temperatures and hiding inside from the heat and letting those bright sunny days go to waste. With the benefit of a fantastic new retractable roof, there’s a whole new way to celebrate summertime in style and comfort!

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