A major update that must be done to homes on a regular basis is the fencing. You can often do repairs on individual boards if you want to wait a little longer. When the fence begins to deteriorate, however, there is not much that can be done. It can be unsightly and a safety hazard.

Signs of Wear

It is usually easy to tell when your fence needs replacing. There are several stages that a wood fence goes through over the years. From the minute you put a new fence up, the weathering begins. Rain and hot sun wear down the exterior and cause the wood to darken over time. When the wood becomes extremely dark, you may be nearing the time for replacement. Wood posts can also become waterlogged and deteriorate. Eventually the fence may start leaning over. Pay attention to the following problems with your fencing:

  • Rotted posts
  • Discolouring
  • Leaning fence

Planning for Replacement

When you must replace the fence, it is often pertinent that you speak with your neighbours. Most homeowners share a fence line with one or more neighbours. It is customary for neighbours to share the cost of new fencing. Check with the best fencing services in Banstead for some great options.

New fencing can make your entire yard look fresh and clean. It can also make your yard safer. A deteriorating fence can fall over and hurt someone. Take care to inspect regularly for damage.



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