Contrary to mainstream opinions, mankind’s knowledge of electricity can actually be traced back to long before Thomas Edison’s invention of the original light bulb in 1879.

Ancient texts have shown that Greek logician Thales of Miletus piloted the first-ever test of electrical currents roughly 2,600 years ago, when he vigorously scraped two pieces of amber against each other and observed a small release of energy.

Electricity Trivia

The gas pipe network in the United Kingdom – which is referred to as the Local Transmission System – is comprised of almost 175,000 miles of conduits, meaning that it could circle the planet nearly five times. Shown below are some other fine points about energy in the UK:

  • As residential electricity started to spread throughout the country, the first in-home instruments to be powered by energy currents were sewing machines, ventilators, and bread toasters.
  • The original streetlights were implemented right here in the UK, specifically in Newcastle upon Tyne on Mosley Street.
  • Up-to-date figures indicate that the UK’s energy consumption is currently at approximately 348 terawatt hours.

Additionally, thanks to the proliferation of energy-saving appliances and eco-friendly electrical upgrades, our national energy utilisation dropped by 2% over the past 12 months while the EU’s consumption notched up by almost an entire percentage point.

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