If you want to feature a paving system in your garden that is as stunning as it is durable, you may want to consider a resin-bound pavement. This type of paving solution features a combination of a specialist resin and dried aggregates. The pavement is applied about 15 millimetres deep to create a highly decorative and smooth finish. You can also include a contrasting colour border and pattern when creating the pavement’s design.

How a Resin Pavement Is Applied

Specialists in paving and driveways in Swadlincote use a force-action mixer for the work. By using the equipment, the aggregates are completely coated with resin. The trowel-finished surface is, in turn, entirely smooth and bound together. The effect is stunning. You can have all the convenience associated with a crushed stone or coloured gravel pavement without the hassle. The aggregate is not loose, but instead remains intact.

Types of Applications

You can use a resin-bound pavement for the following applications:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pathways or walkways
  • Tree pits

Major Advantages

The advantages of using this type of surface include the following:

  • You can walk on a resin-bound surface in about four hours
  • You can drive on the surface after 24 hours

Therefore, a resin-bound surface has a short curing time, all which makes it just that more attractive to install. In addition, a resin-bound pavement is SUDS compliant. SUDS is the acronym for Sustainable Urban Drainage System. Therefore, more rainwater can drain naturally from your pavement. This type of pavement is not only affordable, it is also lovely to feature in the front or back of a home.

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