For those in the business of handling plant, you have a great deal of responsibilities on your hands and too little time to worry about the smaller details. That said, there are some investments that quickly improve the efficiency and productivity of your company and make the management of your warehouse faster and simpler for all involved. The fastest way that you can move your products and materials throughout the warehouse without risking the safety of your workers is to consider the choice of powered pallet trucks and other efficiency equipment.

Facility Size

When looking into powered pallet trucks by SHS Handling Solutions, you must first consider the size of your warehouse and just how much you must prioritise moving as quickly as possible from one task to the next. All warehouses rely on efficiency to provide great results for both employees and customers but you must also consider the physical health of your workers if you have a particularly large facility. Moving pallets using a manual pallet truck over a long distance many times a day can be physically exhausting to workers and is not conducive to a warehouse is that is productive in the long term.

Therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself as a company is to consider powered pallet trucks from SHS Handling Solutions. Not only will you quickly and easily get your materials through your larger warehouse using the powered option but your employees will retain their strength for other tasks, such as loading and wrapping the pallets for stocking purposes. If you plan to have your materials shipped out using a courier or pallet delivery service, this will also help you to save time and money in the loading process of the project.


Unless you currently employ workers who are capable of lifting many hundreds of kilograms at once, it is in your best interest to use powered pallet trucks whenever you know for a fact that you need to stack your pallets. Pallets are ideal for storage because they allow for large quantities of a single item to be stored in a compact space, such as a single square metre, and having the ability to stack certain items will only improve this efficiency. That said, doing so requires more than human strength is capable of and this is why more and more companies leave the heavy lifting to machines.


Although powered options are a larger investment at first, this investment will quickly pay itself off once you see how quickly you can have your workers save time and effort in the process of using it. SHS Handling Solutions is a company dedicated to providing expert equipment on which you can rely and the best thing that you can do to ensure that this is the case every single time is to simply invest more now rather than later. Powered pallet trucks also offer greater safety conditions so long as you train your workers in their use, allowing you to keep your warehouse working at optimal efficiency and productivity without risking the health and safety of your workers in the process.

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