If you have a decent amount of property that you don’t know what to do with or if you just need some more space at your home, you should consider adding a flat of some sort. Some people like to make an addition to their home, while others like to convert an attic or a basement into a loft. There are great options, but if you want a true flat, you need to construct a separate building. Having a separate building constructed is a great way to create a truly private flat that can be used for renting out to tenants or as a mother-in-law apartment. Some people even like to use these detached buildings as housing for their grown children. It’s a great way to create privacy and add space or to make some extra money if you want to become a landlord.

Make Extra Money

You can make extra money with your loft by taking a few necessary steps. You should first consider what type of apartment you want to create in your space. A fully detached building is great because it gives the look and feel of an actual apartment. Some people might be uncomfortable with renting a loft that is actually attached to your family home, and you might not want to have tenants that close to your family either. So, a constructing a fully-detached building is a great choice.

The detached building needs to stand out from other flats. For that purpose, log cabins are perfect. A cabin is a great throwback to an earlier time; it evokes the warmth and simplicity of rural living wherever you construct it. You can have one built in your garden in the middle of the city, but it will still feel like a piece of country life. Modern cabins don’t have the drawbacks of original cabins either. They can be built with many modern amenities: they can have insulation in the walls that keeps them from getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and they can have insulated floors as well.

You just need to make sure you set up utilities for the space. If you’re setting the cabin up as a flat and want to charge your tenants for utilities, you need to put it on separate utilities services. Otherwise, you’ll need the builders to do some plumbing and wiring work to extend your home’s utilities out to your cabin.

A Mother-in-law Apartment

If you’re not looking to make extra money but just need space for someone to stay, a mother-in-law apartment is likely your best option. The setup is similar to constructing a building that is built off from your main house; however, you won’t need to worry about separating the utilities. You can hire professionals to simply extend your plumbing and electrical services out to the apartment. You will, however, need your own HVAC system for it. The HVAC system should be chosen specifically for that purpose, since a cabin is going to have different considerations than your main house.

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