At your home, you have several different options for how to expand your amount of living space. You can build up or you can build out. That can mean adding an addition to your home or building a completely separate building. For many reasons, building a completely separate building can be beneficial for you. It will allow you to add space to your home while also maintaining your privacy. That will make it the perfect place to turn into a flat. You can turn it into a flat for a family member or actually rent it out. If you want to rent it out at some point in the future, you need to make a few choices.


The first choices should be how much space you need and what style you need. If you’re building an outbuilding for a flat, you should consider many of the granny flats on display in Perth. These are flats that are built in a predetermined style to predetermined specifications. If that is the case, then you will have the benefit of expertise and time. The builders will not have to worry about designing the flat for you. They will be able to build it to the already determined standards. That will save you a lot of time in your build. Furthermore, they’ll know exactly which appliances will fit. They’ll be able to move in the proper appliances, piping, and wiring without having to worry about compatibility.

When you are choosing the flat, you should make sure that you have a kitchen, dining, and living area in your flat. That is not quite as important if a family member will be living there but it will be definitely beneficial if you plan to rent it out in the future. It needs to be a fully functional flat to command the most rent.


The profitability of your flat will depend on how much you spend on having it built. A predetermined building will be built much faster and for much less money than having to design a building. This means that you’ll need to then account for how much money you need to make back to be profitable. You need to figure out how many years you are willing to wait before you are profitable. Also, look for rent in your area at comparable flats. You should price the rent to be competitive with other properties nearby. If you are not in much of a hurry to be profitable, you will be able to price it a little bit lower.

Once you figure out how much to charge for rent and how much your flat will cost, you are ready to start making money. Those are the basic economic considerations of building a flat on your property.


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