On average, a homeowner will call on the aid of a plumber only once in every three years, and the most common question asked during such calls is whether or not the problem at hand is typically a plumbing problem. No matter if your pipes have frozen, faucets are leaking, or if you have multiple clogs throughout the home, a plumber will help you address each and every concern while educating you on the best ways to prevent such problems in the future. These dedicated experts know how to handle even the most complex of plumbing systems, but some homeowners simply do not know which situations call for professional help because some seem less dire than others.

Dripping Faucets

It may seem harmless at first glance for a slow leak to form from your faucet, but these simple problems may lose thousands of litres of water in a single year, a sum for which you must pay each month. Even a small leak will add a significant amount to your monthly water bill, leaving you with much more to worry about than the potential for water damage from the leak itself. A plumber will not only help you to find the source and cause of the leak, but they will know how to stop it and prevent it from developing again at a later date.

Running Toilets

After you flush your toilet, the water should leave and then the process complete in a matter of moments, and anything beyond this simple fact is a problem. A toilet that is constantly running is also wasting your water and may lose you more than 700 litres in a single day, all the while producing a frustrating sound during the process. Professionals in plumbing in Southampton will not only help you to discover the source of your constantly running toilet problem but help to correct it permanently so that you save time and money each year while simultaneously reducing the risk of water damage.

Slow or Clogged Drains

A drain that is doing its job slowly will quickly become frustrating, and the results of such a problem are often most prominent whenever you take a shower or wash dishes and find water standing in the sink or bath. A clogged drain will allow no water through at all, effectively making that area of the house useless until you take the time to hire a professional and let them find a solution to the problem. Plumbing experts will not only remove the clog but search for the reason it started, especially if the clog is developed deeper inside your plumbing system and perhaps the result of an unusual problem associated with a certain aspect of your household or lifestyle.

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