Household Windows

It is easy to forget about your windows when maintaining other features in your home. They are often overlooked because they are such durable units, but they do require consistent maintenance to ensure their longevity. Properly maintained window offer a wide range of benefits including increased security, protection, and energy efficiency.

Systematic Examinations

The best way to keep your windows in great condition is to regularly inspect them, take some time to study each glass pane to ensure you don’t have any cracks or scratches. If you notice a crack in one of your window panes, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. If you leave a crack unattended, it will continue to expand compromising the structure. Your best option is to contact reputable Perth glaziers and have them visit your home to assess the damage, they’ll be able to replace your windows that day, so you won’t have to worry about anyone getting injured from shattered glass if the structure collapses.


It doesn’t matter what type of windows you have installed in your home, they’ll require regular cleaning to ensure they operate effectively. If you’ve wooden windows, you should wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. It is important to remember not to use a wet cloth, if you leave excess water on the wooden frames you could damage them. Wood and moisture don’t mix, so be careful not to leave too much water when after cleaning.

If you’ve aluminium or vinyl windows you won’t have to worry about water rotting your wood. Both products can be maintained using a sponge and mild cleansing agent. Remember to use a soft sponge or cloth when cleaning, so you don’t damage any of the fixtures or fittings.

The last thing you must not forget is to clean the glass, a sparkling clean window pane doesn’t just look good, it also helps to maintain the unit. Use a specialist glass cleaning product to keep the glass in excellent condition.

Check the Window Seals

When examining your windows, it is vital that you check around the seals. A poorly sealed window will allow heat to escape from your home during the winter, it will also allow cool air from air conditioning units escape your home. This reduces the effectiveness of your windows and contributes to an increase in utility bills.

You should thoroughly inspect your window seals to see if any part of them is damaged. It is important to replace them if you see any problems, if you don’t feel like you’re able to carry out a DIY job yourself, you can just as easily contact an expert.

It is vitally important not to neglect the condition of your windows, if you don’t regularly service them, you could end up with a lot of problems. If you notice any cracks, broken glass or damaged fittings, you should have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Your windows will continue to look great while reducing utility bills.

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