Why do people need to drink water? Water is the most essential part of our life without water we can’t imagine our life. To live in this world people need to drink more and more water as possible. We can say water is the pillar of our life.

  1. But in today’s time, the water is very much polluted that it will consume that dirty water daily we will suffer from so many different types of diseases.
  2. The water is getting dirty due to the increase in industrialization and globalization excessive of industrialization is leading to water pollution and due to that water pollution marine life is getting disturbed and due the is they are getting dead and due to their death the water is getting more and more polluted.
  3. This type of dirty water is having so many different types of harmful chemicals and components that will damage our body and will make us suffer form so many types of diseases.

So, to get rid of this problem water purification is necessary. Water purification can be done with the help of a water filter or by boiling water on a burner. Purification of water is very much necessary after the industrialization time.

  • Purification of water using water filters is the most effective method.
    1. Purification of water by a water filter will not only inhibit the growth of bacteria but will also all the harmful chemicals, impurities and contaminants that are there in the water.
    2. Water filter purification is done by special technology. Carbon technology is used to purify the water through these water filter machines as because these carbons soak or absorb all the impurities, contaminants that are there in the water.
    3. That’s why purifying water with the help of water filters is the best way/method of water purification
  • Purification of water by boiling the water on the burner is not very much effective.

Purification of water by boiling it on a burner will not kill all the bacteria. Boiling will inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water. Only 50% of bacteria are killed. That’s the reason boiling up of water on a burner is not a perfect way of purifying water.

What are the Goals of water filters during the process of water purification?

The goals of water filters during the purification method are as follows:

  1. They focus on making the water clean through the help of carbon technology as they will absorb every dust and impurities in it to make the water drinkable.
  2. They focus on making the water like a disinfectant so that you will not get suffer from so many health problems and body issues.

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