The roofs being built on homes in the last few years are almost universally pitched roofs. These are sloped roofs as opposed to flat roofs. Their primary advantage is that they shed water very rapidly. Water hits your roof, rolls into the gutter, and is ushered safely away from your house. The steeper the angle of the pitch, the faster this happens. The roof can then be a cold-pitched roof or a warm-pitched roof. Which is better? Well, it depends.

Which Is Better?

A roofing company in Wakefield can build you either type of roof you need. There are several different ways to choose.

  • A cold-pitched roof is one in which the roof is insulated at the level of the ceiling. That means it would be insulated above your living space on what would be the floor of the attic.
  • A cold-pitched roof shrinks the amount of space you need to heat. This feature will help keep your energy costs low and speed up the rate at which your home warms up.
  • The attic has increasingly come to be seen as potential living space. Therefore, it needs to be insulated properly.
  • A roof that is insulated at the slope of the roof is a warm-pitched roof. The insulation is on what would be the ceiling of the attic.

Which Should You Choose?

If you want to leave your attic space open to be living space, you need a warm-pitched roof. However, if you are most concerned with keeping your energy costs low, you need a cold-pitched roof.

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