There are three basic kinds of damp; there is penetrating damp, condensation damp, and rising damp. You can determine the type of damp that you have by looking where the damp is located. That will give you an idea of the problem that you are experiencing and how to fix it. Condensation damp will likely be located behind furniture, behind large appliances, and around windows. Penetrating damp comes from outside of your house; you’ll likely see it around the ceiling where rain is getting into your home. Finally, rising damp is usually located near the floor and you will see the lines where it has risen in waves.

Call the Pros

If you notice damping in your house, you should call professionals. They will be able to find the source of the damp and deal with it. Many people choose to paint or decorate over the damp but this no solution. Damping often leads to mould and mildew as well as rot. The only long-term solution is to damp proof in Buckhurst Hill.

Repairing the Damage

You will also need someone to repair the damage to your home. The damping leads to wet rot in wooden structures and decay in other types of materials. You should look for a company to help you damp proof your home and also to help you repair the damage. Repairing the damage is important to preventing the damping from recurring. They can also look for places where you are vulnerable to damping in the future. That will save you time and money on various repairs.


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