A few things can be wrong with your boiler if you’re not getting the heating that you want. The boiler could simply be dirty and in need of a cleaning; this is very common with older boilers. Alternately, the boiler could have clogged pipes, damaged burners, or leaky pipes. All of these issues can result in a boiler that is not effectively boiling water and distributing it throughout the walls of your home. If you think you are having any of these problems, or if you think your utility bills are too high, you should call a professional. If the utility bill is too high, a more efficient boiler could address those problems.

Boiler Problems

Affordable boiler repairs in Blackheath can greatly improve your heating situation.

  • Water comes into your boiler from a water source; the first place to look could be in the water coming into your house. If those pipes are clogged or leaking, not enough water will be getting to your boiler.
  • The water is then boiled as the boiler burns fuel. You could be low on fuel if it is an oil boiler, and a gas boiler could have problems with the gas delivery.
  • The boiler sends water throughout the house through pressurised pipes, which could have a leak or a clog that is damaging the flow of water.

Boiler Efficiency

Newer boilers are more efficient than older ones because they increase the amount of heat that is delivered directly to the water. And they also reduce the amount of heat that leaks out.

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