It is indeed something which way too many of us take for granted as we simply turn that tap and out it comes. And yet, we don’t realise how lucky we all are, until one day and all of a sudden, it’s not there anymore! As cold showers are out of the question for most good folk, what’s to be done? And forget about cold baths!

  • Simply speaking, most of us assume that things will keep on working and stay that way, not being concerned that a time will come when they won’t.

But, machines being machines, with time passing as it does, there will ultimately come a moment in the future when they will eventually cease to operate.

Being ready is a Good Idea

If you do happen to find yourself with no hot water, you’ll have to get things working again as fast as you can, so let’s see what you need to know:

Inspecting the Gas, Electric and Water Supply

  • If yours is a gas or electric boiler, ensure that the energy supply is properly connected and in good working order.
  • If you’re in need of professional gas engineers in London contact and consult with a reputable service.
  • Check that the water supply is indeed on.

Reset the Boiler

Try to reset the boiler or turn off the power to the boiler and then switch it back on once again.

  • There is the possibility that this may fix the problem.


  • These days, newer boilers allow for you to change the temperature of radiators and a hot water system with a dial.
  • Ensure that the settings have not somehow been placed on the coldest temperature.
  • Try kick-starting the boiler by turning it up high for a short while, and then turn it back to normal after the hot water has reset itself.

Timers and Clocks

  • If you make use of a timer, check to see if the clock is at the correct time. This is due to boilers, occasionally not putting the clock forwards or backwards.
  • And, ensure that the timer is set for the hot water to be there whenever you need it.

Any Power Cuts Lately?

  • If there was a recent power cut, the boiler might now be back to default factory settings, when power returned, so it just may not be set as before the outage.
  • Look at all settings and change them as necessary.

Diverter Valve Issues

  • If the central heating is working as normal, but no hot water is coming from the taps, it could well be a problem with the diverter valve
  • Should you discover this to be the problem, the diverter valve is probably either defective, or possible stuck in the central heating position.

Keep That Lovely Hot Water There Always!

Above are the basics, and should you need more professional help, just contact and get skilled experts in to sort it all out!

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