The four poster bed is a classic that has been around for hundreds of years. It was a very popular feature in houses during the Victorian era and according to historical research, it has been around since medieval times. The height and sheer size of the four poster bed makes it the centre of attention in your bedroom, serving as the focal point of the entire place. The only problem that most people have with four poster beds is that they look old. There’s no space for a four poster bed in a modern, contemporary home. Here are a few reasons why the four poster bed is still very relevant in today’s houses.

Keeping Out the Lights

Do you hate waking up to the sunlight shining on your face? The four post bed frame is an excellent choice for people who want to keep out the lights from the surrounding environment. It provides adequate support to put curtains all around the bed, thus keeping out the light. You can put in darker curtains around the bed if you want to create a peaceful environment as you fall asleep in the night.


Another benefit of putting curtains around the bed is that they offer you greater privacy. If you don’t like people barging in your room while you sleep, you can just draw up the curtains. This is much more important for people who have small children in the house or those who live in a joint family and often have to share facilities. Your bedroom is the most private room in the house, so you deserve the privacy.

Keeps the Heat In

If you use thicker curtains and like sleeping in a hot environment, you will feel much more comfortable. The four poster bed frame helps keep the heat inside and offers you warm bedding so that you can sleep in peace. Many people often wake up as soon as they sense temperature changes in their surroundings, so the four poster bed can offer you peaceful sleep without much of a hassle.


There’s no doubt about it; the four poster bed offers unparalleled aesthetic appeal. It will become the centre of attention and the focal point of the room. If you have a spacious bedroom, the four poster bed is an ideal choice. These beds are available in a range of different styles, ranging from ornate carvings as well as conventional styles. You can choose a decorative four poster bed for your place at a very affordable price from different furniture stores. Many stores also offer the option of creating a custom bed.

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