A lot of folk who were employed in the building or home renovation trade, later on went on to work as skilled painters.

For the painter, he or she must:

  • Provide homeowners with a quote for their painting services
  • Offer expert advice on colours and choosing the best quality paint for the owner
  • Get all surfaces and surrounding areas properly readied
  • Expertly apply the paint

More on painters:

  • They are people who enjoy working with their hands, and take pride in detail (These are naturally the most suitable characteristic to become a great home painter)
  • Painters must also be physically fit and able to work standing all day moving the upper body around for often very long periods of time.
  • In this kind of trade, there is often no kind of academic training or education deemed necessary, because to be a great home painter, the vast majority of professional painters have learned their skills working on the job.
  • The required skills include a very steady hand, a strong upper body and having no fear of heights.
  • Most people involved in domestic painting in Perth, like painting and have an eye for the use of different colours in and on a building.

First Things First

After an assessment, the professional painter will then provide an accurate estimate, for all services to the homeowner. This quote will be in writing and in detail clearly list the size of the project, how long the job will take to complete, and all costs and prices for work and materials.

Homeowners should go online and check up on any company they are interested in to read up on any reviews and also to see how long the painting company has been involved in the painting business.

  • After accepting the quote, the homeowner will inform the painters, who will then have to purchase the correct amount of paint.
  • Painters will make a note of the brand and shade of paint in the quote.
  • It is the painter’s responsibility to choose the perfect type of primer and paint for every painting job.
  • The amount of preparation required prior to painting can vary job to job.
  • There will be times when the removal of wallpaper or paint and surfaces must be prepared for painting with primer or some other kind of material.
  • And there are also other paint jobs which simply require the surfaces to be cleaned, so that the new paint will adhere perfectly.

The method for applying paint may differ, and can depend on the paint type and the surface which it is to be applied to. For example, with an oil-based paint, it is best to make use of a roller; whereas any latex based paint can be sprayed on.

It’s your home, and you will be living there, so it makes perfect common sense that you want it to look superb! So, surely getting the job done by professionals sound like a good idea?!

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